Arizona Update...Gerald's in town

Gerald arrived in town on Saturday. Unfortunately, his bike did not. However, United Airlines was quick into action, tracking the bike down like a samurai, and delivering the bike to our rental house Sunday evening. Not bad. But still too late for a Sunday ride.

This meant Sunday was a day of chilling by the pool, shopping, a few wobbly pops, and a nice meal cooked by Gerald. The tasty dinner he made got me thinking it wouldn't be so bad if his bike was MIA for a couple more days....if it meant his free time would be spent cooking.

Alas, with his bike delivered, Monday's ride had reinforcements, making us an Army of Three, hell bent on conquering the cactus strewn climbs of Apache Junction, AZ. What follows are the latest pics and vids from Monday's and Tuesday's rides. What you'll see is more of the same; desert, cactus, some gradual grade climbs, and a lots of tall rock faces.