Brendan's Gravel Grindin Addiction

The road came upon a fairly deep swamp & that's when I finally gave up on my goal of staying dry for the rest of my adventures. I got up past my knees in water, made it out to civilization & back to my parked van. A solid 20km in 2 hours. I wasn't going back there anytime soon!

Fat Bike Life: Is it for you?

When I started thinking about buying a fat bike, I was already used to riding in cold, snowy, icy, less than ideal conditions. I actually love doing it. I figure I build up my HTFU points over the winter...And you can’t tell me I’m soft when I ride in -40, freezing rain or a 50cm snowfall.

Cycling Comeback: Embracing the Numbers

Almost instantaneously I became hooked. Not only was it fun to have raw data to look at but I could see measurable improvements without having to wonder if I was getting better and most importantly it showed me how much more work I still had to do. 

Nine2FivePro Snirt Ride Video