South Carolina....Recap after 4 days

Arrived in Carolina on Saturday late afternoon to fantastic weather. After frantically unpacking the car, and choosing our rooms in the rental house, we quickly kitted up and headed out for our first ride....a quick jaunt up the climb to Rocky Bottom and back. Having worked the kinks out from two days of driving we looked forward to doing more substantial outings during the coming days.

Sunday provided more awesome weather, so we headed to Caesar's Head to tackle the climb as we do each year. A few hours later we arrived home tired, but satisfied, having conquered our 'friendly' climb again.

Monday called for rain, so the keeners in the house plotted an early getaway in order to beat the rain, while others slept in saving themselves for our annual adventure into Greenville. The ride turned out to be short and sweet...and sour. Short because the window of opportunity to ride before the rain was limited. Sweet simply because we wouldn't let the less-than-stellar weather stop us, and sour because two out of the three keeners suffered flats....oh well. For those that rode in the morning, the afternoon beers in Greenville were extra tasty.

Tuesday saw the warm and sunny weather return, so we embarked on our annual SNS Classic, which takes us from South Carolina, over the continental divide into North Carolina, returning back to South Carolina by way of the backside of Caesar's Head. After a long day in the saddle, there was much food desired, and consumed, with more and more food being cooked. After a delicious meal, and some thirst-quenching beverages, all were satisfied and fuelled up for the next day's adventure.