Jake's Clarence-Rockland Race Report


The first 14 km were nerve racking. Racers were trying to get their position before the gravel hill. I tried to stay in the mid front and I kept a few bikes behind Hans. We were warned by Mr. Chaney that some gravel spots were 1 to 3 inches in size and he was not kidding. The first section, The Surprise! I had to pick my line and stayed on the shoulder of the road where the gravel was smaller. I survived this section but Warren did not. I gave him my rear wheel and he was gone right back in the mix. I looked back and there was about 20 riders fixing their flats just like me. Richard J and Ryan P were victimized as well.  Flat fixed but the cassette didn't fit that great. Weird. The support truck came by and stopped. I was hoping for a spare wheel but he was out. Back on the bike for a few meters, then off the bike and my day was done. I walked for about 15 min, enjoyed landscape and talked to friendly farmers seeing if I was OK. The broom wagon arrived. Sweet!

I felt great that day but we had to get Warren back on the road and maybe for a podium. The roads were angry on Sunday, taking as many wheels as it could.

DNF mechanical.